Dodie Brown (Sally Green)

    Dodie Brown was born in Mansfield, Louisiana.  At the age of 3, her mother moved her and her 2 older sisters to Rayville, Louisiana, where she was raised.  She loved dancing & choreographed for Rayville High's dance team.  She went on to be a collegiate and professional cheerleader.  She graduated Northeast Louisiana University in 1994.

    Her film acting career began in 2005.  Since then, Dodie has had the privilege of working with many great actors including Oscar winner, Marcia Gay Harden and Golden Globe winner, Jennifer Garner.  It was Director Frank Darabont, The Shawshank Redemption and The Walking Dead, that cast Dodie in her first principal role in Stephen King’s The Mist.  Dodie can also be seen in Desires of the Heart, Open Gate, The School in the Woods and Queen Sized, a Lifetime TV movie. Other films in which she will appear are Butter and Leatherface 3D, neither yet released.

    Dodie now lives in Shreveport with her husband, Dr. Mark Alan Brown, also of Rayville. They have two daughters, Taylor and Gabrielle Brown. They are active members of Broadmoor Baptist Church.  Dodie is also an avid tennis player & enjoys photography.

Perry Frost (Jasmine Stone)

   Perry R. Frost, a newcomer to film acting, is a blossoming improvisational comedienne who plays her first dramatic role as Jasmine in New Hope.  She is a member of the prestigious Dad’s Garage improvisational theatre troupe in Atlanta, Georgia, where she lives, and performs several times weekly for sold-out audiences. In addition, she frequently performs in private events geared towards elementary ages with Laughing Matters, an Atlanta-based theatre company that specializes in conflict resolution and team-building for schools. She has extensive experience in long and short-form improvisation, and has channeled her stage experience into acting for the camera. Besides theatre, Perry is a true "Jill of All Trades," experienced and employed in the fields of visual art, portraiture, music, and more old-fashioned pursuits like knitting.  She strongly believes that visual media is often the best way to influence culture, and is thrilled to be involved in a project that honors both God and the teens it is attempting to reach.

   In New Hope, Perry plays Jasmine, a troubled high school student who is wandering through her senior year in the aftermath of the suicide of her boyfriend, Chase.  When Michael Evans moves to town he begins to fill in the gaps left by Chase on the basketball team...and in Jasmine's life. Will her life, both enriched and complicated by this relationship, be changed in dramatic ways.    

Ben Davies (Lucas Green)

Ben Davies has been acting since before he could walk. In fact, he was still in diapers when he appeared in his first national TV and print ad campaign. The progeny of a successful model and an All-American athlete, Davies was blessed with both striking physical features and a strong physical body. He was ranked the No. 1 high school decathlete in the nation in 2008 by Track & Field News

Multiple injuries, along with a complex and risky surgery to repair a torn labrum in his shoulder, left Davies frustrated on the sidelines in 2010, wondering whether he would ever compete again. It was at that low point that Ben got the call to audition for Sherwood Pictures’ highly-anticipated new film,Courageous. Within three weeks of the audition, Davies was offered the coveted role of David Thomson, one of the four leads in the film.

In New Hope, Ben plays the role of Lucas Green, a high school basketball star whose brother, Chase, committed suicide. When a new student, Michael Evans (Samuel Davis), moves to town, joins the basketball team, and begins dating Chase’s girlfriend, Jasmine Stone (Perry Frost), Lucas is forced into a difficult situation.

Samuel Davis (Michael Evans)

A sixth-generation Texan and fluent in Spanish, Samuel Davis was born and raised in Clear Lake. He attended high school there and participated in football and track & field all of which he dropped after auditioning for Julius Caesar, the school play, tapping his interest in acting from a very young age. (Holiday meals were incomplete, he said, without a performance!) At the University of Texas at Austin, Davis found roles in student films and commercials.

Samuel’s New Hope character, Michael Evans, is a pastor’s son who is forced to move to a new town in the middle of his senior year of high school. Thrust onto the New Hope High School basketball team just before the playoffs, Michael struggles to fit in, particularly with star player Lucas Green (Ben Davies). Compounding the situation, Michael begins dating Jasmine Stone (Perry Frost), Lucas’ suicide-victim brother Chase’s former girlfriend. New Hope is the story of Michael’s interactions with Lucas and Jasmine and his continued walk with God.

Will Schwab (Alex Evans)

Will Schwab’s introduction to acting came when a friend from his high school football team talked him into auditioning for the musical South Pacific his senior year.  Will graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a degree in Communications, and spent the first 10 years of his professional career working behind the scenes in daytime television. Throughout his career, Will has performed in churches, civic auditoriums, local cable shows, and as an extra in both primetime television and Hollywood films. He and his wife Nancy now live in Shawnee, OK with their 4 children, Leah, Olivia, Dean and Audrey where they are a part of Heritage Church. Playing the role of Alex Evans, Michael’s father and the new pastor in town, New Hope marks Will’s first featured role in a film.

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Reginald Robinson (Coach Miller)

Reginald Robinson is a native of Monroe, La. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Grambling State University. He’s the owner of F.L.Y Republic clothing LLC, and currently the host of Let’s Talk on the CW. Reginald has appeared in several films, and recently guest starred in A&E’s Breakout Kings. Reginald’s New Hope character, Coach Miller, truly plays to his strengths as an actor.

Julie Kendall (Olivia Evans)

Julie Kendall grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and later moved to Ft Lauderdale, Fl. where she worked in the natural food industry as a regional sales manager, doing sales, marketing, and educational trainings. After trying to overcome a fear of speaking in front of a large group of people, she enrolled in an acting class, where she soon discovered her true, lifelong calling of being an actress. Julie has been in 40 films to date, almost all of which she played lead and supporting roles in. She also been on America's Most Wanted, and has hosted the TV show, Deco Drive. New Hope showcases Julie’s talents in the role of Michael’s mother, Olivia Evans.

Meghan Woods (Faith Evans)

Meghan Woods, age 11, began her acting and modeling endeavor at age 9. Meghan has been featured in commercials for various clients, including American Girl, Academy Sports and Outdoors, and NASA Space Center. Film credits include lead roles played in a trailer called The Hurting Kind and New Hope. She has two younger siblings, Kade and Kelsey, both of whom have already joined her on camera. Meghan enjoys hunting, playing travel softball, soccer, singing, and gymnastics when she is not on set. Meghan plays the role of Faith, Michael’s lovable younger sister, in New Hope. She’s definitely not a meaner.

John W. Sutherlin (John Green)

John W. Sutherlin was born in El Dorado, Arkansas, where he began doing live theatre in junior high. He is a graduate from Louisiana Tech and the University of New Orleans. He is a professor at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Until New Hope, he had never been in front of the camera as an actor. Sutherlin had produced and directed documentary films that have been shown in more than 80 countries around the world. His last film Stay Bray Stay (2009) was featured at three film festivals and shown across the US. He was drawn to the role of John Green (Lucas’ father) because suicide has twice touched his own life. He and his wife and two children are members of Holy Cross Catholic Church of Lafayette.